Internet Marketing Explained to My Niece

I help businesses grow and get customers via the Internet.

So if you Google something, my customers need to come on the top of the page. That is Part 1.

Then, when the customer goes to the website, do they like what they see? Is it easy for them to use the website? Does the website convince the customer that my client is what they need? That’s part 2

Part 3 is following up. After a customer leaves, you want him to come back. I make sure my customers do that.

And part 4 is the social media. Are you on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and other directories? Do you talk to your customers online? Do they know who you are? Do they like you?

My niece: wow thats hard work !

why does Apple not support Adobe Flash?

I was testing out Vimeo’s new HTML 5 video player that’s in beta. And I was thinking about how HTML5 would compete with Adobe Flash.

Came across this interesting tidbit on the HTML5 Wikipedia page:

The HTML5 editors are Ian Hickson of Google, Inc. and David Hyatt of Apple, Inc.[3]

Hmm, now that’s interesting. Could this be why Apple Iphones and Ipads STILL don’t support Flash player? Do the people at Apple think that HTML5 will eventually overtake any need for plugin based plays and other RIAs? It seems so. So they’re dealing with the temporary pain of not supporting something because they don’t think it’s the sustainable technology. If that’s the case, I support it too.

However, it also seems like it will be at least a decade before HTML 5 becomes a mainstream standard. So what’s a person to do in the meantime?

local languages on google maps don’t make sense

Google maps is awesome 90% of the time. But the few times that I’ve needed to look up addresses and places in other countries, I get so annoyed. When you zoom into a city map of another country, the labels are no longer in English. Instead they are in the local language of that country. This makes it impossible for me to use, and understand the map. Google: why woud you choose to do this?

If I’m signed in, and my primary language is English, why then, when I zoom into Greece, I’m confronted with Greek? That’s just silly.

increase your use of web tools to expand your influence

“Whenever a communication medium lowers the costs of solving collective action dilemmas, it becomes possible for more people to pool resources. And ‘ more people pooling resources in new ways’ is the history of civilization in …” Pause. “… seven words.”

Smart Mobs by Howard Rheingold, quoting Marc A. Smith, a research sociologist at Microsoft.

What mediums do you use now? (Phone, email, Twitter?)  When do you use them? Which do you prefer to use the most? And why?

In its most simplified and boiled down form, all these various “web 2.0” tools are communication mediums. They enable participation or history making, and in their use, will have varying effects on the intimacy, quality, and¬†complexity of¬†communication that you have with others.

If you only use a few mediums, consider adding something to your mix right now. Each medium will have a different level of effectiveness for you and the group you are targeting. Adapt to more and more new tools at the pace that you are comfortable with. And grow your influence.

an online presence and a presence online are different

An “online presence” and a “presence online” are not the same thing.

The former tells me that an entity has taken up finite space in the online arena. It is usually static, unmoving, unchanging. It will accomplish the primary goals of any online marketing endeavor, but soon grows old and cold. Conversions start to drop. Visitors exit quickly, like they’ve walked into a graveyard. They know. This website isn’t breathing.

The latter indicates a feeling of presence. There is activity, relevance, and freshness. There is some energy here. And movement. There are conversations happening, dynamic changes, and indicators of what’s hot and what’s not. This entity has branches everywhere; in social networks like Facebook or MySpace, event postings on Upcoming or Eventful, and user initiated reviews on Yelp and CitySearch. This entity continues to take up more and more space, and has a history. Like a lived in house, artifacts abound.

list of things I love and dislike about my iphone

Things I love:

  1. I loooove the intuitive multi touch interface.
  2. Navigation and interaction are a pleasure.
  3. Hands down best internet browser on a phone.
  4. Custom applications via Safari like Pickeview for MLB
  5. Music, email, video, photos, stocks, games and phone all in one package??? Awesome!
  6. Great reception on both phone and Edge network.
  7. Solid construction and feel.
  8. Truly scratch resistant glass front.
  9. Cool sound effects for transitions, interactions, and alerts.
  10. Beautiful display and colors.

Things I dislike:

  1. No instant messaging.
  2. Finicky and sometimes slow transitioning between applications.
  3. Low quality speakers for phone/music.
  4. I get my own sent messages via email.
  5. No custom ring tones. (Yet?)
  6. No multi-contact or group text messaging!
  7. No calendar syncing via RSS. It’s got Edge and wireless, no reason I shouldn’t be able to subscribe to a calendar.
  8. No ability to delete just one text message.
  9. No mode where I can silent all alerts except incoming phone calls. (So I can keep it near me at night and not get disturbed by mail messages.)
  10. No physical UI for alerting. Like a blinking light for example. I have to slide on phone to see if I received a message.
  11. If I’m on a call, and I get an alert, my ear gets a buzz from the vibration. That’s annoying.

why are there no well designed humidifiers?

I haven’t found a single one yet. There is no “the best humidifier” out there. You have to settle for one that somewhat meets your needs.

And reviews for humidifiers fall into two categories. One type are about how much the humidifier in general helps with dryness, and not actually about the quality and specifics of THE humidifier they are using. The person writing the review would probably have made the same review for any other humidifier. The other type of reviews are complaining about something the humidifier lacks, or the experience of it, and how it annoys the person.

Here’s a list of wants:

  1. A water tank that is easily refillable without me having to remove the tank and/or bring the humidifier to the sink.
  2. A tank and fan resistant to calcium and bacteria build up.
  3. A chemical to put in the tank to keep it clean so I don’t have to wash it so often.
  4. A water tank and parts that are dishwasher safe for cleaning.
  5. No yucky wicks or filters. A wickless or filterless system that works.
  6. A fan noise level that is a soothing whisper. No rattling. No grinding. All I should hear is air.
  7. No expensive parts that need to be replaced so often. Every 6 months is okay. Yearly would be excellent.
  8. A humidity control that actually works. It shuts off when appropriate, and turns on when appropriate.
  9. An option between auto on/off or always on setting.
  10. A timer setting.
  11. A tank large enough to work for 2 days without needing a refill.
  12. A subtle visual signal that the tank needs refilling when it is almost empty.
  13. A safety feature that turns off the machine when the tank is completely empty.
  14. A stable base that sits equally well on carpets, tables or wood floors without scratching.
  15. A cord that is at least 5 feet long.
  16. Optional: An option to buy a humidifier with an air purifier. And the ability to turn them on and off independently from each other.
  17. Optional: Attachable wheels on the base for very large capacity humidifiers.
  18. Optional: A setting to blow the humid air in a fan like manner like a car AC.
  19. Optional: (This is the killer option). An option to get cool mist in the summer, and warm air in the winter.

Where o where art thou my dream humidifier?